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Redesigned website

Project Kick-off

Dick's knew that they were taking a chance by launching such a visually different website. They needed to make sure that the new design would be a hit with their users before they launched it.

Usable Interface's Kyle Soucy worked with the Dick’s IA and design team to create a usability test that would reveal the information they needed to learn about the new design.

Creating a Test Plan

In order to create a study with as little bias as possible, we needed to make sure we recruited the right people to participate in the study. We identified three different user groups: Golf Pro Shop Users, Lodge Users, and The Perfect Season Users. Once they were identified, we created a recruiting screener and started recruiting respondents. While we were recruiting users we decided what tasks we wanted each user group to perform. We knew that each group had different needs, so we made sure to craft a study that would test if those needs were being fulfilled in the new design.

Usability Testing

A total of fifteen respondents participated in this study (five respondents per user group). An HTML prototype of the new website design was created for the usability test. Usable Interface spent an hour testing each respondent separately.

Project Completion

Over a period of two weeks, we were able to test the redesign of Dick’s website and deliver a full report of the findings. At the end of the project, Usable Interface presented the key findings from the user testing study to the executive team for the Dick’s website. The testing revealed some high priority problems with the product pages. Dick’s was able to fix these problems before launching a successful redesign.

"Not only was Kyle's work exceptional in every detail, but she went the extra mile in acting as an advocate for user-centered design and usability testing to the project's leadership team. I gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Kyle again."

Dave Cooksey
Information Architect
GSI Commerce, Inc.

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