QuickBooks Screen Shot

Project Kick-off

Usable Interface worked with the stakeholders of this project to define exactly what they wanted to learn from the research study and whom they should include in this study.

Remote Interviewing

For this study, we remotely interviewed nine customers. We had the ability to view each participant’s screen as they talked about how they currently use QuickBooks and their online banking websites to reconcile their accounts.

Project Completion

In the end, the research provided the answers needed as to why some customers were not connecting their online banking to QuickBooks. The findings from this study also validated some personas that were created from a separate research study.

"Kyle conducted a study involving one-on-one interviews and observations for me. When I think about working with Kyle, two attributes stand out: 

  1. Empathy - She quickly developed a rapport with the participants and puts them at ease 
  2. Open to feedback - In a recent study, she was open and receptive to feedback. I greatly appreciated that she was willing to try a new method during our study. The technique paid off and we got the data that we needed.

I'd recommend Kyle for similar studies." 

Michelle Marut
Senior User Researcher

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