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Project Kick-off

TheLadders has an Agile development process and we needed to figure out a way to fit end user feedback into their one-week sprints.

Usable Interface worked with the stakeholders of this project to define the research goals and craft a longitudinal user research study that would provide the needed feedback from end users throughout the development release cycle.

Longitudinal User Research

How do you gauge the end users level of engagement and know how your product is being used over a longer period of time? Conducting a six-week longitudinal study with twelve participants was our answer. A weekly interview with the participants was performed by Usable Interface to learn how they were using the application and what their level of satisfaction was with the experience.


A weekly online survey was conducted with the participants in order to collect data in between the weekly scheduled interviews and keep up the level of participation in the study.

Remote Mobile Usability Testing

During the weekly interviews we had the participants connect to an online meeting and use Reflector to mirror their mobile devices and show us how they’ve been using the app. During some of these interviews, we would also have prototypes of new designs for them to try it. Being able to remotely observe the participants using the prototypes on their own devices was just invaluable.

Project Completion

After each week of research interviews, Usable Interface conducted a debrief with the design and development team and documented the findings. At the end of the six-week longitudinal study, we had a release that was built by incorporating feedback from real end users that everyone felt confident in.

"I hired Kyle to run a 6-week user testing study while my team iterated on an iOS app we are getting to market... There were many moving parts, and a lot of data to collect. Kyle's ability to organize the participants, adapt to our 'lean' approach, professionally moderate the calls, and immediately turn around findings in an easy to digest format was instrumental to the success of the study... She effortlessly established a rapport with my team and with the users; and was always punctual, professional, and extremely organized. Kyle made a hard job seem easy, and made invaluable contribution to our project work. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again."

Michelle Zassenhaus
Director, UX & Design


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