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Remote Usability Testing

All usability studies for Keysight have been conducted remotely. Keysight’s employees and customers are geographically dispersed throughout the world, so remote usability testing gave them the best option when it came to accessing their customers and getting their team members to observe and participate in testing.

Remote testing also provided the added benefit of keeping the user in the comfort of their own home or office, which makes the recruiting easier and it opens up the opportunity to gather ethnographic data that would otherwise never be collected through an in-person lab test (i.e. real life environment distractions, details about the type of computer and browser they use, facts about their system settings and pop-up blockers, etc).

Completed Pojects

In less than two years, seven remote usability studies were conducted with over a hundred Keysight customers, both domestic and international. This research has helped to improve the design for online product selection, comparison, support and quoting. Usable Interface is proud to be one of Keysight’s preferred vendors for usability testing.

"Kyle is one of the best usability interviewers I have worked with... She is able to easily turn the business needs into a research guide, clearly synthesize and present the findings, and work well with the internal team. On top of all this, she brings the projects in on-time and within-budget. Kyle is a pleasure to work with and produces exceptional work. I strongly recommend her."

Holly Phillips
Usability, Research, and Optimization Manager
Keysight Technologies

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