Affinity diagramming
Paper prototype of 'What's Playing' queue v2
Paper prototype of 'What's Playing' main screen
Paper prototype of dialog boxes
Paper prototype of qwerty keyboard and dialog boxes
Wireframe - industrial design and global software elements
Wireframe (2)
Wireframe (3)
Wireframe (4)
UNO-TSV - front view
UNO-TSV - side view
back view
UNO-TSV - interface

Contextual Inquiry & Affinity Diagramming

Talking one-on-one with your customers is one of the best methods for revealing and understanding exactly why and how they use a product. A contextual inquiry was first conducted with five customers in their home to get a better understanding of their needs and the environment in which they use their Russound product(s). This research yielded a vast amount of data that we later analyzed as a team by conducting an affinity diagramming exercise. Once completed, the affinity diagram helped us to list and prioritize the key features of the UNO-TSV. 

Paper Prototyping & Usability Testing

How do you create an intuitive and easy to use interface that includes a large number of features? In order to truly create something that is in touch with your business objectives and your users needs and wants, you have to include the product development team and the users in the design process. This kind of collaborative product design can be achieved through the process of paper prototyping and iterative usability testing. Usable Interface conducted four paper prototyping sessions with Russound’s product managers, engineers and designers. After each paper prototyping session we tested the prototypes on actual prospective users. This helped us quickly discover which parts of the interface worked well and which areas still had trouble spots.

Project Completion

Over a period of seven weeks, we were able to deliver an interface for the UNO-TSV that went through 4 rounds of prototyping and 3 rounds of iterative usability testing. At the end of the project, Usable Interface documented the final paper prototypes into a detailed wireframe spec for the engineers and designers.

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